My name is Marco, I live and work in Dovera (Cr), in the countryside of Cremona, my laboratory is located in an old water mill, where there is also a rural culture museum. A picturesque place that deserves to be visited.

 Since I was young I have always had a passion for guitar and I loved playing it, but what really made me curious was to find out how did the instrument play, how that sound was generated and what were the techniques, the materials and the rules behind this natural magic. 

So in 2006 I finally enrolled at the Lutherie School in Milan, attended it for 4 years that have represented a very important lapse of time to me.

I am a great lover of jazz, particularly Manouche or GypsyJazz, and as a natural consequence I love guitars that play that kind of music. 

The main activity in my workshop is dedicated to the construction and maintenance of Manouche and acoustic guitars, but also all the other plucked string instruments. 

In all of my works I give a special attention to the philological aspect linked to research and restoration.

My work as a luthier plays a fundamental role in the artistic life of a musician.