The guitar can be finished with different varnishes.

The finish is thin, durable and acoustically compatible.

The best way to preserve the finish is to keep it clean by wiping sweat, fingerprints with a soft, damp (not wet) cloth.
There are many guitar cleaners available, a rag slightly moistened with tap water and wrung out thoroughly will remove most of the dirt.

Then dry with a clean dry cloth.
Attention: If you need to use commercial products, avoid those with solvents, silicones or abrasives.

The Fretboard can dry from time to time, to restore use only a small amount of oil (carefully polished).

If you want more information or product information, contact me.

The safest long-term case for your instrument is in its case.

* If you travel or you won’t play the guitar for a longer period, I always advise you to detune the strings to reduce the tension of the top of instrument.

Most of my customers pick up their custom guitar’s directly from me in the workshop, this is the best and safest delivery method.
For my national and international customers I offer shipments all over the world by express courier, obviously insured and with home delivery.

During construction in the laboratory I maintain a relative humidity (RH) between 40% and 55%. Max.
It is of great importance that humidity is controlled even after the delivery of the guitar (with a Hygrometer).
When the air is too humid or too dry, the wood swells or shrinks.
The wood will always try to adapt the surrounding air and this is what causes cracks, problems, high/low action, Fret buzzing and lifting.
The winter months are always the worst when the air is too dry.
The dry season (Winter) is always best to store the guitar in the case with a quality guitar humidifier.

My guitars tops are built and braced light for maximum responsiveness.

The strings I recommend are: Argentine (Savarez) 0.10-0.45 0r 0.11-0.46, or Galli “Silk & Steel” strings 0.10-0.45 or 0.11-0.47.

These are the most used by guitarists and the most available on market.

The warranty for all my guitar is Lifetime, as long as I am active as a luthier.

My instruments are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship.

I will not cover damage due to fair wear and tear, abuse, neglect, extremes of temperature or humidity.

This warranty applies only in possession of the certificate of authenticity.

*Also I cannot be responsible for the tendency of some brittle hardwoods (Brasilian rosewood, Ziricote, Wenge, Cocobolo, etc..), occasionally to develop hairline fractures despite decades of proper seasoning and a consolidament treatment with superglues; so fractures, cracks or hairline cracks that might develop during shipping or later are not covered by warranty.

Repairs or alterations performed by someone other than me risk cancellation of this warranty.